Data centers

The specificity of ventilation, air conditioning and heating of server rooms makes the attention that should be paid to this type of facility design and construction systems very important. Many factors must be considered and taken into account, making installations in server rooms and data centers of which can lead as to many problems both to hardware defects or accidental loss of data, as to much lower cost. Willingness of IT departments for cooler servers and more "solid" information infrastructure must be secured not only with proper technique, but with proper distribution of cooling. Improper design most often results in a "short" range of the cold air and to ingestion of heated air from your own server system, which inevitably leads to overheating. "Hot spots" where the superheat is obtained inadmissible due to lack of adequate cooling must be detected and eliminated as a problem in the room, and in any replacement or displacement of the server equipment.

Requirements for quality and functionality of the HVAC systems motivate our company to show the best solutions and over the years accumulated experience and professionalism.