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About us


ZEPHYR Air Conditioning Systems was registered in the Sofia City Court in 1997 as a limited liability company in the field of construction. At the end of 2000, in accordance with the requirements of its Bulgarian and foreign partners, the company was registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ZEPHYR Air Conditioning Systems Ltd. begins intensive work in partnership with leading companies in Bulgaria as a professional contractor in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

The company specializes in the construction and maintenance of central and local air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration installations.

During their 27 years of practice, the employees and specialists at ZEPHYR Climate Systems managed to acquire and accumulate considerable professional experience in the implementation and maintenance of central and local air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration installations.

In the beginning, ZEPHYR Klimatichni Sistemi Ltd began its work in partnership with leading companies in Bulgaria as a professional contractor in the field of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, with the activity mainly focused on the refrigeration part and the construction of direct evaporation Freon installations.

Over the years, the company has established itself as a correct and desirable partner in its field. ZEFIR Climate Systems undertakes the independent implementation of a number of projects both in industry and also in the administrative and residential construction sectors.

The company wins the trust of foreign clients such as Diners Club International, the Norwegian satellite telecommunications company Telenor, the Shell Gas concern, the German airline Lufthansa and the French Cultural Institute. Proof of this is the long-term cooperation with the Municipal Bank for the construction of air conditioning systems in the bank's branches throughout the country.

In the field of the pharmaceutical industry, ZEFIR Climate Systems is a long-term partner of the leading Bulgarian manufacturer SOPHARMA in the construction and maintenance of high-tech specialized air-conditioning installations, as well as hygienic installations for the maintenance of microclimate parameters in the so-called "clean rooms".

The company participates in and wins a significant number of tenders for the award of government contracts in a number of government institutions such as the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the National Academy of Arts, The National Insurance Institute, the Customs Agency as well as in many state companies such as NEK, Bulgargaz, Bulgarian Energy Holding.

In the private sector, customers of ZEPHYR Climate Systems are companies such as Chimimport, Trade Complexes Commodity Exchange - Sandanski, Geotechmin, National Cable Operator Eurocom, LEM. In the entertainment sector, the company has been assigned projects for the complex ventilation and air conditioning of objects such as Mastro Lorenzo club in Studentski Grad, Sax Bar, Cool House The Place nightclub, Library club, Fifty / Fifty entertainment complex in Gorublyane district.

The development of ZEPHYR Climate Systems in the direction of complex engineering activities began with the contracts for the construction of complete building installations in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning parts of the administrative buildings of the software company Fadata and the design company Prototip, as well as the warehouse base of the pharmaceutical company Salvis Pharma. The company is a complex supplier of air conditioning equipment and facilities, and at the same time undertakes the implementation of all engineering and installation activities at the sites.


Installation units for the implementation of ventilation installations, pipe wiring, as well as units of electrical specialists for the construction of electrical installations, were created and are distinguished in the structure of ZEPHYR Climate Systems. A unit of the company's specialists undertakes the manufacture, installation, commissioning and adjustment of the control panel for automation and control of the air conditioning equipment processes.

The development in the structure of the company allows ZEPHYR Climate Systems to establish itself in its field as a company offering complex solutions when it is necessary to implement heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration installations. The company works as a main contractor, offering its customers a complete service: starting from the preliminary studies of the site, offering various schematic solutions, design for parts OV and K, B and K and Electro and KIP and A, to engineering and complete implementation of the developed projects.

The increase in the number of implemented sites and the desire of our customers for quality service led to the need to create separate service units for regular prevention and maintenance of air conditioning installations and equipment. One of the company's services is the offering of subscription service maintenance and prevention of built and functioning air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration installations.


The top management of the organization, in the person of the manager and manager of the quality management system, officially declares the Quality Policy, which covers the business processes at ZEPHYR Klimatichni systemi EOOD. The policy is documented, publicized and understood by all employees of the organization. The policy is available to interested parties.

The policy is approved by the Manager and applies throughout the organization.

The quality management system (QMS) aims to improve the overall activity of ensuring high quality of the offered products/services. QMS covers the processes of:

Delivery, construction and service of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration installations (systems).
Delivery, construction and service of water and sewage installations. Supply, construction and service of electrical installations.
Designing, engineering activities and technical consultations on the parts - HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment), VK (Water supply and sewerage) and EA (Electrical engineering and automation)".
Current policy:

is appropriate for the goals and context of the organization and is in support of its strategic direction;
provides a framework for establishing quality objectives;
includes a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements;
includes a commitment to continuous improvement of the quality management system.
By developing and implementing this policy, the management of the organization aims to:

ensuring high quality of the services offered;
minimizing the risks related to the quality of the product/service, causing losses or damages to the Organization, its customers, partners and other interested parties;
quality improvement;
developing long-term partner relationships with suppliers for more competitive technical solutions for customers;
prevent or reduce unwanted consequences;
providing the necessary resources to implement and maintain an effective QMS;
informing employees of their responsibilities and obligations regarding product/service quality;
ensuring compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements.
The maintenance and development of the Quality Management System according to the international standard ISO9001:2015 is a fundamental goal for the implementation of the organization's business strategy.

The policy is reviewed regularly based on an established process.

The policy is revised to take into account changing circumstances.

The Organization's personnel undertake to comply with all quality-related rules described in policies, procedures and other QMS documents.

Any employee who believes that there is abuse of this policy in the organization must notify the Quality Manager.


The top management of the organization declares its full commitment in the processes of development, maintenance and improvement of the QMS.

Manager: Sofia, 07/08/2019