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Precision air conditioning

Zephyr Climate Systems is an official representative of Schneider Electric for precision air conditioning. Schneider Electric's precision technology has been specially developed to maintain the microclimate parameters (temperature and humidity) within extremely narrow limits in responsible premises.

The precision technique is a suitable solution for the air conditioning of responsible rooms such as server rooms, UPS rooms and others, in which there are increased requirements for maintaining temperature and humidity with low electricity consumption, high reliability and long service life.   The radiated heat generated by the equipment must be cooled to ensure the reliable operation of complex systems and is fundamental to the good operation of the equipment. Continuous operation, solution design, component selection and manufacturing processes are designed to ensure maximum reliability and excellent energy efficiency to reduce operational costs and ensure a sustainable infrastructure.

Applications of precision air conditioning, often referred to as "critical", include medium to large data centers, server rooms, control centers, laboratories, communication rooms (landlines and mobile phones).

The technical cooling provided by the company's chillers and heat pumps guarantees the achievement of the desired cooling and humidity maintenance, with different assignment and management options. High standards of design, development and production of these products, the same applies to "Aquaflair Technical cooling" product line covering water chillers for industrial and residential needs, synonymous with technical excellence. "Uniflair chiller" is the basis of the installation that allows the temperature of chilled water to be kept constant in industrial processes, for precise air conditioning of or any other type of indoor conditions.

All products are optimized to guarantee high energy efficiency, above all at partial loads, offering free-cooling solutions and integrated energy recovery included within the modules.