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Preventative maintenance
Why is maintenance so important?

HVAC preventive maintenance contracts are agreements between you and a contractor for regular inspections and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. At "Zefir Climate Systems" Ltd., we offer a "Maintenance Plan" to ensure the correct operation and efficiency of your system when you need it. This includes scheduling inspections to maintain maximum efficiency, prevent unnecessary operating costs and unanticipated system breakdowns and accidents. Timely prediction of potential future failures and taking measures to prevent them will help extend the life of your HVAC system and avoid unforeseen interruptions in the operation of critical IT equipment located in server rooms. The service programs we offer are adapted to the specific needs and wishes of our customers. The scope of our subscription support programs includes the "24/7/365" program, which guarantees a response time of 2 hours 24 hours a day. All our customers with a regular service support contract have priority over submitted individual service requests and are serviced before them.

The main task of this department is to perform repairs and optimize the operation of the air conditioning equipment entrusted to us. A team of highly qualified service specialists periodically undergoes training courses at the plants of the manufacturers - Schneider Electric and APC in Europe, and thus provides qualified technical support and diagnostics of precise and comfortable air conditioning systems. The correct and timely competent servicing of the equipment leads to significantly tangible savings of funds from repairs, downtimes and achievement of optimal operating parameters.

According to Regulation (EC) 517/16.04.2014 regarding certain fluorinated greenhouse gases, all owners and users of refrigeration and air conditioning installations, as well as heat pumps containing more than 3 kg. (CO2 equivalent) fluorinated greenhouse gases, are obliged to ensure that they are checked for tightness by certified personnel. Our service specialists are registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Mechanical Engineering, and are authorized to carry out these air-tightness checks of air-conditioning and refrigeration installations.