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Comfort air conditioning

Our company has no restrictions on the choice of equipment for your installation caused by agency agreements with one or another manufacturer, and this does not oblige us to impose a certain type of equipment or installations that would benefit anyone but not the customer. We will build your system only and only according to your requirements for comfort and price. The range of solutions and technology options allow us to select and deliver the right air conditioner, heat pump, water cooling unit, refrigerator, ventilation without manufacturer and model restrictions.

The construction of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is a process in which all civil engineering works must be carried out in accordance with the already developed technical project. Changes may be made, but they must be insignificant in the sense of the ZUT - otherwise, if the construction of objects does not comply with the project, a new project must be prepared and legalized. This paradox has appeared in Bulgaria in recent years, as our company has experience with the construction of objects where it was necessary not to comply with the projects. This was necessary due to the fact that often the projects do not correspond to the specific needs of the site, and the investor has the right to pay for functioning installations. Then design-on-the-fly begins, leading to a number of compromises dictated by the short term and working in a time when the construction of installations in other parts must be a fact of the site.

Despite all these difficulties, our company has never and will not build any installation we work on if it is not 100% sure that it will function afterwards.